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Who's Reading Who? Interpretation and Ethics
Welcome back to the second and final expert panel on "reading" and interpreting authoritative texts, co-sponsored by Virginia Tech Department of Religion and Culture and the BRANE Collective. In this webinar, we'll be asking the question, "Who's Reading Who?" - i.e., whose forms of "reading" and interpreting texts "read" (meaning "see and analyze") and critique the dominant forms of reading and interpretation we discussed in our first webinar. We'll also be taking a look at forms of engaging authoritative texts in a wide array of cultural contexts. Panelists include Lynn Huber (Elon), M Adryael Tong (ITC), Ericka Dunbar (Spelman), Charlotte Eubanks (Penn State), and Lauren Osborne (Whitman).

In the first part of the webinar, our experts will deliver short presentations on forms of engaging with authoritative texts that critique and provide alternatives dominant, so-called "objective" forms of reading. Speakers will analyze community-based practices of textual interpretation in multiple contexts and discuss what ethical "reading" looks like in these communities of accountability. They will also engage the question of "reading" in general: What can practices like chanting or singing tell us about how different people approach authoritative texts? The latter half of the webinar is dedicated to audience engagement and cross-panel discussion.

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