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Who's Reading Who? Authority and Authorities
Welcome to the first of two expert panels on "reading" and interpreting authoritative texts, co-sponsored by Virginia Tech Department of Religion and Culture and the BRANE Collective. In this webinar, we'll be asking the question, "Who's Reading Who?" - i.e., who's doing the "reading" of authoritative texts, and whose readings are prioritized. Panelists include Stephen L. Young (Appalachian State), Chance Bonar (Harvard), CJ Schmidt (Rice), Jason A. Staples (NC State), and Shaily Patel (Virginia Tech).

In the first part of the webinar, our experts will deliver short presentations on interpretive authority and authorities. From constitutional originalism to historical criticism of the bible, certain modes of reading and interpreting texts are deemed "objective" or "neutral." Speakers will analyze these modes of reading and interpretation, drawing attention to their pitfalls and the ways in which they elide or silence other ways of approaching authoritative texts. The latter half of the webinar is dedicated to audience engagement and cross-panel discussion.

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